Re: Espeak-ng packaged with NVDA 2017.4

Sharni-Lee Ward

Also, words that end with n or an n sound that are followed by words
that start with a hard c or g sound like the two words were smushed
together. Something like "in games" being pronounced like "ing games".
That's ... not how English works...

On 7/12/2017 11:38 AM, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

I use the English setting now known as "English Great Britain" in
Espeak-ng. When I updated to the latest version of NVDA, the new version
of espeak-ng packaged with it sounded strange. Phrases like "for the"
and "for a" sound really weird. Numbers like "twenty" and "ninety" sound
just a tad slower than they did before. Words like "percent" and its
derivatives, which were pronounced just fine before, now sound off
because of the lack of emphasis on the second syllable. I can handle the
changed pronunciation of "because", but the one for "hundred" doesn't
sound quite right. I've watched a lot of British TV—I know that's not
how they say that, and again, it was pronounced just fine before. Why
these changes? What prompted them?

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