Re: Update rules file for Afrikaans

Christo de Klerk

Hello, Valdis

A pleasure. It is something that interests me. I am working on some more corrections. The Afrikaans dictionary is about 98.5% accurate. We have the same challenge that they probably have with Dutch and German: compound words, word joined together often with either an s or an e as the bridging letter to form new words, for example, in English you would speak of a dog kennel. In Afrikaans dog is hond and kennel is hok, so dog kennel becomes hondehok. The bridging e causes plenty issues, as there are four possible pronunciations of the letter e: e@, @ E and &.

Many thanks for your selfless work on eSpeak-ng to make it a still better synthesiser. I know that many people don't like its sound, but it really is by far the best synthesiser.

Kind regards


On 2017/11/24 8:56 PM, Valdis Vitolins wrote:
Hello, Christo!

I've updated your file in the commit:

Thanks for contribution!


Hello Reece

I have made a few pronunciation corrections in af_rules and have
attached it here.

Many thanks for the help.

Kind regards


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