Welcome to Escaping to PSP 2 Group.

If you like receiving interesting tutorials using different techniques to create beautiful images, this is the place for you. I enjoy using old world and romantic images. My tutorials are in MS Word Format and PDF

I will be the only person posting Tutorials in this group and anticipate sending tutorials once a week.

Please DO NOT post anything else but Tutorial Results to the Group.
No Political or Religious sends.
No Goth, Nude or distasteful images are to be used.
Please respect these requests

Please when you join, set your Email to the options ALL EMAILS  (NO MAIL is not an option in this Group)
Please ask me first it you wish to use my tutorials for teaching purposes. PERMISSION must be given by me to share a Tutorial.
Please do not alter or distort them in any way.

Members are expected to participate in the group on a regular basis. If a Member hasn't participated in a period of 3 months,
they will be unsubbed.

Thank you to Antonia who has translating some of the older tutorials into Spanish.
Thank you Franie Margot who has translated many of the older tutorials into French
Thank you Inge-Lore and Mina who has translated many of the current tutorials into German and Italian.

If you have any problems with these tutorials you can write to me.

I live in Australia so that may mean a small delay in replying to your joining request,
depending on when your apply.
Cheers DeniseD
Escaping to PSP 2 Group Owner

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