COVID-19 and energy data

Michael Murray

Hi everyone:

Are you seeing how the coronavirus is affecting energy usage patterns and trends? Do you have any data or anecdotes about the societal changes underway from an electricity perspective? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

I co-founded Mission:data to improve access to energy data held by electric/gas utilities: smart meter data, billing data, etc. The pandemic is leading to large changes in energy use. Here are a few articles I've seen thus far, mostly from Europe:

I'm assembling this information for a possible blog post, newsletter, etc. All contributions toward this group are welcome!

I hope everyone is healthy, staying at home and social-distancing during this difficult time.


Dan Fredman

Hi Michael,

Great topic to raise in this group, and I've been wondering the same thing.

I'm watching a few datasets and hope to have some insights soon. I'll need to check to make sure it's shareable, though. 

Anyone else?

Be well,


Michael Murray