VLANs was Q: Not state of the art LAN setup

Gordon Haverland

On Tue, 10 Dec 2019 16:47:53 -0700
"Gordon Haverland" <ghaverla@...> wrote:

Wasn't it Copycat Software that "encrypted" barcodes with an XOR of
[ other stuff ]

There may be a place for trivial encryption for a farm network.

But, if I am producing corrections to GPS and "broadcasting" them;
there are commercial sources of this data which charge a LOT for this
information. To look for "survey" class GPS equipment; you are
typically looking to spend $10k in the minds of the salesgeeks in that
business. That I think I can make a GPS base station to do this for a
couple of hundred dollars is irrelevant. They think the market will
bear the price they charge, and they continue to exist. So, they are
making sales.

If farmers within line of sight of me want access to this data; my
inclination is to not charge them commercial rates (whatever those
are). There is at least one local surveying company which could have a
GPS base station and for whatever reason doesn't have one. I see
absolutely no reason why I should give them a discount.

What I am left with, is broadcasting corrections that are encrypted.
And every customer has to have a different private key. If they listen
to the broadcast of corrections, most of the the boradcast could be
unintelligible, because it is encrypted with a different key than they
have. (I may have this public/private wrong.) Supposedly I am sending
N different packets to N different addresses; and so their hardware
doesn't see the multiplicity of what I am sending. But, if they are
"sampling" all of what I send; they could see what is mostly the same
content with different encryptions; over and over again. This has to
make breaking the encryption easier.

But that is a different problem, and I have other things to do tonight.

Take care people.