Smartphone as camera

Gordon Haverland

I have a ZenFone. I believe it came with Android 4.x, it is running
Android 6.0.1; and I think there are no more updates for this.

It has no SIM card, and has never been connected to a phone network.

Since it is too old, I suppose I should root the thing and update the
OS. If I ever get to the point where I might need to use it for money
(credit cards, ...) I will probably have to buy a newer thing anyway.

It seems to take good pictures.

I think I can draft it into being a photogrammetric survey instrument.
I have a camera tripod with 1/4 inch bolt. I purchased a smartphone
holder meant to be used with 1/4 inch camera tripod bolt. I purchased
a shiny serving tray at the dollar store, which I want to drill a hole
for the 1/4 inch bolt to go through that will allow me to place a
non-trivial compass on one side (which has a bubble indicator for
level) and can handle magnetic declination adjustments and a GPS on the
other side. While my long term needs and short term needs don't
necessarily need to use the same "monuments"; my intention is to place
monuments into the ground such that a plumb bob hung from the centre of
the camera tripod can be made to fall over the centre of the monument.
I am guessing the monument is something like a piece of rebar that is 3
or more feet long, which is driven into the ground. I could have
different versions of monuments.

But, my immediate needs is to be able to take a series of "photographs"
from locations (very) near my property line with neighbours. I can put
two of the tripod legs (not extended as much) on the property line and
the 3rd leg away from the property line with leg extended further.
Maybe I need to stick a weight on the 3rd leg? Detail.

I have only taken a small number of images with this Zenfone. It
produces much better images than my Nokia candybar which has a SIM
card. I think the images I downloaded (1 or 2?) were JPEG. It may be
that it also stores RAW images; or that it can be adjusted to store RAW

RAW as an image format, is a collection of nominally incompatible and
proprietary image formats. One of those formats is DNG from Adobe;
which has some documentation (probably not all documentation).

Android as a flavour of Linux I know almost nothing about, and the fact
that you (almost) can't have a secure Android phone bugs me. And
manufacturers who make proprietary Android phones bother me.

It's entirely possible there is no way to get DNG files from this
camera, or RAW for that matter.

I've run across a suggestion that DNG is actually a good format to
store sets of images in. If the input files are actually "raw" and
have all the information that the camera can provide; that is the best
solution. If all you can get is JPEG files, when you convert to DNG
(if that is possible) you will not get as good as you could.

Anyone have feelings or knowledge about this Asus phone and DNG? Do
you use DNG format?

Thanks for any comments you might have.



Gordon Haverland

On Fri, 11 Oct 2019 18:16:40 -0700
"Gordon Haverland" <ghaverla@...> wrote:

I have a ZenFone. I believe it came with Android 4.x, it is running
Android 6.0.1; and I think there are no more updates for this.
I looked at everything under the top level settings, and the settings
of Camera, and neither mention anything about RAW or DNG.