Setting up Nokia 4.2 - setup wizard issue

John Hanley

We just got a new Nokia 4.2 and are setting up the phone. When the setup wizard comes to Google Assistant it tells us "The Google Assistant needs Activity Control that your device administrator has limited on this account."

When I look in my Admin account as suggested in the wizard's help menu, I see that Search and Assist is turned on for everyone. When I went to the user account, under Activity Control I turned on Web and App Activity. However, "Include Chrome history..." and "Include voice and audio recordings" are both greyed out (with the footnote that they are currently unavailable for this account).

The wizard will NOT allow us to go beyond this point. We have tried switching accounts and we have tried factory reset. Basically the phone is unusable because we can't get past this part of the wizard.

There is no way to skip setting up Google Assistant (I never used it on my old phone anyway).

Does anyone know how to rectify this?