Rock Pi 4 Model B v1.3 (in aluminum case)

Gordon Haverland

I am trying to assemble a Raspberry Pi clone, called the Rock Pi 4.

It can boot from a eMMC or a microSD, and to use a eMMC, you fit the
eMMC to an adapter board, and then insert the adapter into the microSD
"slot". I haven't gotten to that point yet.

An option, is to install a "hat" which allows one to fit a m.2 SSD
sub-board to the computer. And I have that option.

The manufacturer website doesn't say the ribbon cable to connect the
Rock Pi 4 motherboard to this m.2 SSD board is a ZIF (zero insertion
force), but looking at the iFixit website it seems this is what that
connection is (both ends).

On the "case" where this ribbon cable sits, there is a "double slot"
cut out of the side of the case, and it looks like the ribbon cable
would actually protrude out of the case at that point. Something easy
to break. A 90 degree connector would actually make more sense, but
then I suspect the ribbon cable might be a little long. Or is a person
supposed to "carefully" bend the ribbon cable 90 degrees?

Thanks for any feedback you might offer.

Oh, on the electronics front, I recently got a "poor man's" fume hood
for soldering. It is a 12V (?) fan with a way to fasten activated
charcoal filters on the "back" side to filter out the soldering smoke.