OT: ISO-Bus (CAN-Bus)

Gordon Haverland

I have a tractor for the farm (52hp).

Eventually, I will have a GPS base station on the farm, so I will be
able to do real time kinematic solutions. If I have a elevation model
of the farm, I should be able to control things like the front end
loader or 3 point hitch based on the location and orientation of the
tractor, and the elevation model.

It would be nice to incorporate some tractor data in the information
one saves. I think fuel flow, temperature, amount of sunlight,
temperature, humidity might be useful. I don't want to "control"
anything in terms of engine, transmission, stearing, ....

CANbus is a part of ISObus as I understand things.

Farm equipment manufacturers are extending the "bus" on the tractor, to
include the implements mounted behind (or in front?). And while I may
not want to control anything of the tractor, I do want to be able to
control implements if such control is possible.

I suspect John Deere is the most boneheaded in this regard, but I
suspect enough has rubbed off on all the manufacturers. My tractor is
not a John Deere (and I wouldn't buy one from them). It is a Kubota.
I've looked around a bit, it seems that Kubota is using CANbus. I have
not been finding anything on people interested in reading values from
the CANbus on Kubota tractor.

Anyone run across this stuff? If I do put computers on the tractor to
work with this stuff, the computers will be running Linux and the
source code will be freely available.