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Weekly Newsletter #2019.27

Hi ,

Let's go through the news first.

Do you remember Librem 5? It's the 'real' Linux smartphone running PureOS Linux distribution. Librem 5 is now available for preorder. If it interests you, check out its pricing and specification.

Librem 5 is not the only Linux gadget in news this week. Pinebook Pro is a budget Linux laptop with a price tag of $200. It is also available for a limited pre-ordering.

Linus Torvalds marked the floppy disk driver orphaned in Linux kernel code. Perhaps this is the end of floppy disks in Linux. 

In other stuff, you may surf this list of free disk partitioning tools for Linux.

The open source project highlight of this week is OpenHMD. It aims to create an open-source API and drivers for immersive technology.

If you are new to Debian or Ubuntu based Linux distributions, this detailed guide to apt-get command will surely help you understand the concepts better.

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This course from Cisco will give you a clear understanding of whether Linux is for you or not, without having to commit to more than 8 total hours of self-paced learning. To ensure you don’t get stuck, you’ll be guided step-by-step through a series of hands-on virtual machine activities. The course aligns well with the Linux exam objectives found on the CompTIA A+ Certification.

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Linux Command Line Tutorials

How to Know The Groups of a Linux User

This quick tip teaches you how to find the groups a Linux user belongs to in Linux command line.

9 Useful Examples of the Split Command in Linux

The split command in Linux allows you to split files into multiple files. Here are some examples of the split command that will help you understand its usage.

10 Useful Examples of the Sort Command in Linux

Sort command in Linux is used for sorting the contents of the text files. This tutorial shows you some basic examples of the sort command.

Understanding Your Disk Space Through ‘df’ Command in Linux

The df command is used for checking disk space in Linux. Learn some of the most common usage of the df command in Linux.

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