emacs in X again

Gordon Haverland

I think I am beginning to understand why I lost emacs in X11.

If I look on my LAN server (still running Debian/Jessie), the emacs
packages have one which says it has GTK+ support compiled in.

In order for emacs to work on the GUI, it needs to have some kind of
widget toolkit support. I gather the source code for emacs has support
for 3 toolkits: Motif, Lucid and GTK+.

It seems that the "default" emacs build somehow became GTK+. And I
think with Emacs-26, you now need to decide which toolkit to use (if
you choose Motif, you probably have to build emacs yourself from
source). I have not investigated this at all, it is entirely possible
that Motif is deprecated or unusable.

Which leaves GTK+ and Lucid. As I have neither version of emacs for X
installed, I have no emacs in X11.

There is a stack exchange thread about choosing between GTK+ and Lucid
(which mentions Motif). The emacs-lucid package at Debian references a
bugreport at Debian and a bugreport at Bugzilla, which is closed and
references a Git thing, which doesn't seem to say anything
(anonymously). Perhaps if you "register", you see something?

In any event, there is "a bug" that emacs tickles, which goes back to
2002. It has to do with how GTK handles disconnects. And it seems if
you go to resize your window, that what happens is that a disconnect

So, if emacs seems to crash on you in X, it may be that you should
consider the "other" toolkit.

The Stack Exchange thread, talks about stability a little. So, GTK has
this problem vaguely mentioned above. You could decide that you want
to use Lucid. Well, it seems that emacs-lucid also will do some
unusual things when working with lucid. You could find that switching
from emacs-gtk to emacs-lucid, results in you changing back to

As I can't see anything newer than 2018 in the bug thread about this,
I've no idea if people in Gnome/GTK desire to fix this problem, or they
will continue to do what they have been doing. To me, it seems like an
endless series of bandaids, but I may not appreciate things. In lots
of entries in this bugreport, they talk about invoking emacs with
various environment variables set, and these seem to change over time.



William Henderson aka Slackrat

"Gordon Haverland" <ghaverla@...> writes:

I think I am beginning to understand why I lost emacs in X11.
from the official emacs repository

Unpack the tarball and then do the Three-Step ( .configure ; make ; make
install )

You should then have a robust emacs

William Henderson
aka Slackrat