Dropbox Linux Support is Back, Ubuntu 18.10 Discontinued and More Linux Stuff

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Weekly Newsletter #2019.26

Hi ,

Let's see the latest news in the Linux world first. 

Dropbox is bringing back support for various Linux filesystems in its next release.

Epic Games has contributed 1.2 million fund for the development of open source editor Blender.

Ubuntu 18.10 has reached end of life. If you are still using it, you must upgrade your system to a newer version.

ApacheCon Europe will take place in Berlin this year. It's an event focusing on technologies like Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning and Open Source Design. It's FOSS is the official media partner for this event and you can get 10% off on the event ticket, just let me know if you are interested. 

No, you don't need to uninstall VLC. A big publication Gizmodo wrote that VLC had a security vulnerability and advised users to uninstall it immediately. It spread like wild fire and many other websites also published this story. VLC developers are not happy because the said third-party bug had been patched several months ago.

I wrote a detailed article explaining the concept of hard links in Linux. It should give you a better understanding of hard links and inodes in Linux.

If you run a small to medium sized business, you may read our recommended list of open source CRM and open source CMS software.

The Linux Foundation sysadmin sale ending on 26 July becomes a huge hit as hundreds of people opted for certification courses on Kubernetes, Hyperledger, Cloud Foundry and the evergreen Sysadmin.

In the end, you may read about WPS Office on Linux. It's a non-FOSS application but popular for its closeness to Microsoft Office.

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