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Weekly Newsletter #2019.20

Hi ,

I have been asked to advise the best VPNs for Linux several times in the past few months. So Ankush and I came up with this list of VPNs that provide Linux support

I also wrote about various ways of using Linux commands on Windows. This is helpful for students who have to run Linux commands but cannot ditch Windows immediately.

Speaking of Windows, I rewrote the tutorial on creating a bootable Windows USB in Linux. I also updated an old article about open source Android alternatives. Considering the Huawei fiasco, this article becomes relevant once again.

GitHub has launched a new program that allows open source contributors to get sponsors for their work akin to Patreon.

John Paul has a quick look at Elvish Shell, a new alternative to shell.

If you are new to Linux command line and want to learn more on it, Oleksandr Volynets os is still offering his online course "Basics of Linux Shell" on Udemy for FREE to It's FOSS readers. The course is originally prices above $100. This offer is for limited time. 

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Linux Command Line Tutorials

Print Execution Time of Shell Script in Linux

This quick tutorial teaches you how to display the execution time of a shell script in Linux.

tr command in Linux Explained With Examples

The tr command in Linux is used to perform simple but useful translations of one set of characters into another. Learn some practical examples of the tr command.

nslookup Command: 7 Practical Examples

nslookup is one of the popular networking commands in Linux used for querying the Domain Name System (DNS) records. Learn how to use nslookup command.

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