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Bart Oleksy

There's a lot out there these days, aside from the Big Three (Rogers, Telus, Bell) and Freedom.

Freedom has some good deals, but I've seen comments about their coverage not being as good as the established companies.

Many resellers that use the infrastructure of the big boys, too.

I just moved from Zoomer Wireless (uses the Rogers network, $36/month if you use your own device, unlimited talk and text and 4GB of data, but that was with a loyalty deal after 6 months) to Public Mobile. There was a promo for an RBC credit card to take $10 off per month on any plan $40 and over, plus an extra $2 discount for setting up "Auto Pay". Data is on the LTE network but at 3G speeds. I didn't see that fine print until after committing, but it's been mostly OK so far. I don't use tons of data, though.

Once my wife's (and daughter's) prepaid credits are used up with Speakout (Rogers reseller) I'll likely switch them to Public Mobile's $15/month plan (100 voice minutes, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited text, 250MB with Auto-pay plus $2/month discount). If you decide on Public Mobile, I can refer you so you get a $10 credit.

Lucky Mobile is out there as well with some good deals.'s hot deals forum has lots of talk about various cell phone plans and companies, too.

Good luck!


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My wife has to hand in her work phone and we are looking for an inexpensive wireless plan. Mostly talk and text but some data for maps and such.

Her work "pay as you go" plan was something like a $0.01 per minute for calls and $0.01 for text. Something cheap for data. Any suggestions?



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