Re: Plotting categorical data

Gordon Haverland

On Tue, 4 Dec 2018 18:18:24 -0700
"Jared " <@jared> wrote:
You have R installed don't you? That can produce your charts and save
to SVG.
I have seldom looked to R, I know little of what it can do. That would
make much more sense than making it quasi-manually. This is not a
one-off, I plan to work with these plots as more data comes in.

For me, the (gross) data comes from 2 populations, except that A:B is
not the same as B:A, so 4 populations. The graphs I want to generate,
are just for a specific population, but I may want to add background
colour (rectangles with 0 width lines and partially transparent fill)
to show how this one population relates to the "broader data". Doing
that in SVG is easier, as I just need to edit the file in emacs to add
stuff manually.

Thanks muchly!

Base R can likely do it, but there are handy R packages that would

You could also format the data in a way that D3.js could use.

If this is a one-off chart, go ahead and use inkscape. Using R or D3
is a reusable approach.


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