Re: I'm puzzled about hacking

Rene Matthijssen

Everything in life is a compromise, there is no such thing as a perfect world.
Having said that, this is why (in our home) we back up our computers and have spares of everything. You never know when SHTF.
At one time, a power surge even knocked out my wife's AVR UPS and monitor. The purpose for this UPS is to protect the electronics.
However,  neither the monitor nor the UPS never worked after this power surge.


On 2018-11-25 7:41 p.m., igoldberg1 wrote:

Please remember NO system  is totally protected.  That is why I use every protection that we used for classified data when I worked for the government.  I use a many layered protection system which makes it very hard to get into my computer, and I am very careful about which emails I open or give out as logins.

     Ira Goldberg

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