Re: Tests of distributions - Installing R (CRAN) packages

Gordon Haverland

The data I am looking at, is the distribution of possession time in
association football (soccer). In particular, the English Premier

In most of the big leagues, there is one or two dominant teams in the
top league of a country. The Bundesleague in Germany is mostly Bayern
Munich. LaLiga in Spain is mostly Real Madrid and Barcelona (sometimes
Atletico Madrid as well). And so on.

For years, the EPL had a Top-4. Over the last couple of years, it
seems to have expanded into a Top-6. The other 14 teams, I refer to as
Rest Of The Pack.

If a Top-6 team plays another Top-6 team, or a ROTP team plays a ROTP
team, you might see one team having 65% (or so) possession. But, if a
Top-6 team plays a ROTP team, so far this season the highest possession
was 81% (to the Top-6 team).

The K-S test, is not sensitive to differences in range. So it is
inappropriate for my needs, as range is one place where there should be
differences. The Anderson-Darling (AD) test is supposed to be more
sensitive to the range.

I don't know if the other tests in kSamples are appropriate. I am
having some problems understanding why some of the tests don't seem to
work (I am guessing that R is crashing, and that the pipe used to
communicate between R and Perl only end up holding the old content, and
so the next read returns the old data.



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