Re: Robust fitting of data - Installing R (CRAN) packages

Gordon Haverland

On Fri, 9 Nov 2018 11:36:29 -0700
"Jared " <@jared> wrote:
This sounds like regression through the origin?

I think your degrees of freedom drop by one, which is fine as long as
your data set is not too small.
I believe you drop one as well.

With the intercept dropped, things are calculated differently or have
to be interpreted differently.

Be careful.
I think you need to be careful with just about anything robust.
Slapping the name robust on something, doesn't mean it does what you
think it does.

But, I do like the idea that one has enough data, that you don't need
to concern yourself whether you have an odd or even number of data
points to calculate the median.

On the distribution side, I am trying to learn about K-S type tests
from the R kSamples module. My data range is finite.



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