OT - Greed is everywhere

Rene Matthijssen

I have a real problem with modern day greed, as seems so common now-a-days.

Yesterday I needed two short RG6 coaxial jumper cables with F connectors on the ends. So I looked on the internet for 1 foot cables. These are the common cables used with splitters for television and satellite connections, nothing special.
The "cheapest" I could find was about $9 per cable with a whopping $19 for shipping from the US. Two of these little cables would have cost me $37.00 !
So we made a pair ourselves for less than a dollar.

Plus I needed a toner cartridge for my laser printer. The cheapest I could find was $35 for a new one, including shipping.
Call me surprised. but while looking, I came across a listing for "used & empty" cartridges for $36 PLUS $18 SHIPPING. They were advertised as REFILL YOUR OWN.....
Goes  to show, it's still buyer beware.



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