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Keehan Dowd

There's a free SMS gateway at:  Just enter the country, number, text, your number, captcha and you're off to the races...

I have no affiliation with this provider and don't know how they make their money to provide the service.  I've used them on several occasions however with no problem. 


On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 5:24 PM Gordon Haverland <ghaverla@...> wrote:
On Fri, 12 Oct 2018 15:44:17 -0700
"Davis Bacon" <davis.bacon@...> wrote:

> It's dependent on the carrier, but most have an email to SMS gateway
> Use these details to send small email to SMS:
> Rogers Wireless: [10-digit phone number]
> Fido: [10-digit phone number]
> Telus: [10-digit phone number]
> Bell Mobility: [10-digit phone number]
> Kudo Mobile: [10-digit phone number]
> MTS: [10-digit phone number]
> President’s Choice: [10-digit phone number]
> Sasktel: [10-digit phone number]
> Solo: [10-digit phone number]
> Virgin: [10-digit phone number]


Packed decimal for the phone number?  Or do you insert dashes?  With
there being so many dash (n-dash, m-dash, minus sign, ...) characters,
they would have to process any/all of those.

I have no idea who his carrier is, but if I get the carrier wrong, I
should probably get a bounce, just like with email to an unregistered

I'll guess there is another one of
711: [10-digit phone number]

It's possible they could filter out most/all the headers of the email,
but I suspect they wouldn't.  Does this end up sending plain (ASCII) or
HTML email?  Is one preferred?  (For me, I always prefer plain ASCII



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