Web browsers

Gordon Haverland

For much of the last week, seamonkey (x64 version from mozilla) has
been hopelessly slow. Today, I went looking for other graphical web

Opera used to be an alternative. It was different. Anyway, the opera
that was long ago, is no more. The current opera I believe uses the
same engine as chromium. Does it phone home (Google) with data?

Vivaldi is a fork of opera, dating back to the time when Presto engine
was dropped to move to webkit/blink.

Vivaldi is not available from Debian (or Devuan), but there are debs on
the website. To install it, brought up 3 dependencies, 2 of which I
believe are involved just to install the package (to write menu
entries) and the third is for some dbus stuff. Fine install it, and
try it out. It's constantly downloading advertising movies when
running, all personalised for me in some way (all Canadian content).
The website was WorldFootball.net, which isn't a Canadian website.

Okay, purge the four packages that were installed.

Another fork of opera is Otter. It also is not available from Debian.
In fact, it is in some strange package that is supposedly independent
of Debian vs RPM vs ... issues. Which I know nothing about. So I
didn't try it out.



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