Re: Ssd failed

Gordon Haverland

On Mon, 10 Sep 2018 14:19:40 -0600
"John Hanley" <linux@...> wrote:

The second attempt worked and when I view my disk in the disk utility
it tells me "Disk is OK, 17 bad sectors."
How a SSD works, is quite a bit different from how a hard disk works.
The SSD driver is operating in an environment designed for hard disks
(maybe). So it could be that the driver is reporting a problem, which
is interpreted as 17 bad sectors.

Originally, sectors were 512 bytes, so 17 sectors is 8704 bad bytes. I
think disks are moving to 4096 byte sectors, which is 69632 bad bytes.

I think it might be entirely possible, that you could have only 17 bad
bytes, or something similarly small (is a cell a byte, bit, nibble or
something else?).

When I've bought SSD, I've gone with ADATA (something or another),
Samsung 860 EVO and Samsung 960 NVMe EVO SSD. Or I think that is what
I've bought, my brain is not providing good data. So far, no
problems. But I am worried, as I am not seeing anything about tools to
handle storage on SSD, or storage using BTRFS. I could be doing
horrible things to my storage, and I haven't a clue.



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