Re: networking stuff


You need to shutdown your computer and then the server, your router and modem. Reboot in the following order, modem, router, server then other computer. Theis will bring everything back up. You have lost the connection to the internet. If you need furthru help call me at 202-294-3160.


Running the server on Debian 9 (stable).

Last evening there was a power blip and my isp connection died. Not on
my end - - - I have my wireless radio on a ups and it continued
running but the network was taken down for maybe 10 minutes.

On my main use computer (not the server) after the isp was back online
I was able to affect a connection and everything was/is working
(afaik). With the server I cannot access the network.
I have tried systemctl . . . (can't remember the commands exactly)
stop and start but still no joy.
The server is a Dell R710 so that might contribute some of the weirdness.
It was interesting to me that my whole network died when the isp
connection died (further upstream and out of my control.

Any ideas on how I might get that particular box back on the network?
Is there a way to have the local LAN stay alive when the WAN goes down?



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