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Making Your Linux Experience Better

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There is a great news for Linux gamers. Steam is working on a new implementation of WINE that will allow you to play Windows-only games on Linux.

The feature is in beta for now but if you want, you can enable the beta feature and try playing Windows games on Linux

This could be a game changer for desktop Linux adoption, don't you think?

I wrote a quick tip on fixing a common update error with Debian/Ubuntu-based distribution.

I also updated the article on best free cloud services for Linux and added a couple of more entries to this list.

If you are using GNOME with Ubuntu 18.04 or any other distribution, you may want to read this article about using and customizing GNOME desktop.

I also created a video showcasing LibreOffice tips in action. The video is live on It's FOSS YouTube Channel.

My colleague, Avimanyu wrote a new article in our Open Science category about Quantum Computing and using Cirq framework.

John continues his love with not-so-popular operating systems and this time he takes FreeDOS for a ride

Oh! Linux turned 27 this week. In the last 27 years, Linux has become the epic center of the software world. If you like trivia, you should read some interesting facts about Linux and a timeline of Linux history. You may also read a few interesting trivia about Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

P.S. I am working on a series of Ubuntu 18.04 tutorials. Stay tuned for them :)

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