Re: logging in as root


You are correct, log in to a terminal session Then log is root. You can then run a GUI session by starting the GUI program.
If you leave a root session open a hacker can gain access as root and have access to ALL information on the system. I ALWAYS make sure to close any root sessions that I might have open. It takes a few secons longer to close the root session, but is a lot safer.
Having worked for the US government, I am paranoid about security on my system. I have watched twice while hackers tried to get in to my system without success. I called the FBI as I tracked back to their real IP address with special programs that I have and gave them the information. Real fun if you know how.


On August 24, 2018 at 8:15 PM Gordon Haverland <ghaverla@...> wrote:

I spent a little (not a lot) of time looking. How does one usurp a
root login on the console to a text session (not a GUI session)?

To me, if someone has physical access to the hardware, the fact there
is a root login active on a text console is irrelevant. They can boot
a LiveCD and screw whatever they want anyway.



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