Re: OT - 12 Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites For Watching Videos In 2018


On Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 3:58 PM, Maurice Hilarius <mhilarius@...> wrote:

I love how you are so "on board" with the whole "Appose Google at any cost" movement.
One that is bought and paid for by its opponents, such as Apple, Microsoft, and similar.
And yet Youtube is a free platform, and even pays its successful users for their views.

This simply would never have happened if Apple and Microsoft had their way..

Think about this.. talk about killing the goose.

When they got to listing Crackbook as an alternative I realized that the author really
doesn't know much about personal security nor privacy.
I have become less of a fan of ms google and her cohorts when I became a commodity
for her to acquire billions per quarter because every company on earth thinks that I
believe what ms google pumps at me. If said information were actually useful when I
asked for such I would be far less frustrated but as when I actually look for something
to buy - - - -well all too often I can't find it and then I'm to suffer through ads for the
products I wasn't looking for for months afterward - - - - well I'm thinking that the whole
silly conglomeration might just as well be given the punt (and that would include M$,
the fruit, AND the alphabet soup company!!!! (with some other idjits (sic))).


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