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Maurice Hilarius <mhilarius@...>

I love how you are so "on board" with the whole "Appose Google at any cost" movement.
One that is bought and paid for by its opponents, such as Apple, Microsoft, and similar.
And yet Youtube is a free platform, and even pays its successful users for their views.

This simply would never have happened if Apple and Microsoft had their way..

Think about this.. talk about killing the goose.

On 2018-08-12 1:02 PM, Rene Matthijssen wrote:
YouTube is undoubtedly the internet’s most dominant platform for streaming free videos online. It hosts billions of videos that are viewed and commented upon on a daily basis. With the addition of a large amount of content each day, its vast user base continues to grow actively.

However, with guidelines of the platform getting revised without any prior notices and other complaints in tow, a large fraction of unhappy users are looking for other YouTube alternative websites that can offer them similar content.

In case you are one of them and are looking for different video streaming sites, here’s a list of best alternatives to YouTube in


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