Re: Something went wrong.....

Rene Matthijssen

Typing the command "lsusb" in the terminal gives me a list of the devices connected to the USB ports. I'm assuming that the ones ending in 1006 and 0538 are the mouse and the keyboard.

Okay, then I hooked up BOTH printers
(the Brother and the Pantum) and ran the command "lsusb" again.
Here is what I got:

The bolded line ending in 2820 is the Pantum printer, it just doesn't identify itself. When I unplug them, they disappear from the list.

Both printers do not seem connected and this might be the reason;

I then ran "
system-config-printer" and got;

However, whatever I do, I cannot get them connected or recognized by the computer.

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated.

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