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Ron Pettigrew

They are for an HP printer.  perhaps the concept will work for whatever kind of printer you have....

On 18-08-06 02:16 PM, Rene Matthijssen wrote:
Thank you very much for your response.
Does it look like the commands below are for an HP printer?
I do not have an HP printer.

On 2018-08-06 01:00 PM, Ron Pettigrew wrote:

I had something similar.  I ended up reinstalling CUPS, deleting and re-adding the printer.  I followed these instructions;

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install --reinstall hpijs

sudo apt-get install --reinstall hpijs-ppds

sudo apt-get install --reinstall printer-driver-hpijs

sudo apt-get install --reinstall printer-driver-hpcups

Then please delete all 3 CUPS printer queues and then add just one printer queue.

Then retest printing.


Your results may vary.......

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