Re: Deprecated Android phones

Andrew Stott

Have a read of PCI/DSS requirements. Having something that out dated that it won't get upgrades is pretty much a no go. They regulate the payment processing industry so I'm thinks Square and the others will have a min OS patch level required to be able to run.

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Pitty there was no interest in battery powered radios.

Oh well, ...

I have an Asus Zenphone Laser ... which no longer gets upgrades. And I have never had a SIM for.

It has never been connected to any telco network.

Does this actually make it usable?

As the phone can no longer be upgraded, it should (almost) never have apps installed. All that is required, is the ability to connect to the Internet (wifi), which if I was to go to a Farmer's Market, should be provided by the market. So the only apps I would ever need installed, are things like credit and debit transactions?

Is there a chance this works?

My thoughts (and fears) are that the OS is still behind, and so it can't guarantee security. And if you root the device to install a more up to date OS, the debit/credit people will not allow your device to participate.



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