Re: Install difficulties, 640x480 resolution

Gordon Haverland

On Sun, 10 Jun 2018 10:14:28 -0700
"mward" <mward@...> wrote:
There were two possible work-arounds:

1. Hit the Tab key a few times, guessing how many will put focus on
the "OK" button (or whatever), then hit Enter. Eventually you'll get
it right.
My initial thought is a window, which has two buttons. One button is
"OKAY", the other button is:
find / -print -exec rm \{\}\;

Back at Carnegie-Mellon, one of the other geeks in my area tried to set
up a find command to delete core dumps. The regex was wrong, it didn't
just match core dumps, it matched any filename.

I think it was 32 floppy disks to reload whatever UN*X was on it (a
PC/XT with a M68000 card in it).

2. Depending on the X server/window manager, you may be able to
grab/move/resize those over-sized windows with a key+mouse
combination. Things to try are CTRL+left mouse click the border,
CTRL+SHFT+right mouse click OR arrow, etc.
I brought this up with the guy who wrote a special LiveDVD. He said
that the grub GFXPAYLOAD variable can be used to set display size. So,
I will try that out.

Thanks for the ideas (and memories).



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