Re: Install difficulties, 640x480 resolution

mward <mward@...>

The problem with 640x480, is that some of the xterms the install
process pop up, are bigger than the display, and have control buttons
outside of the screen area, so you can never click on them.

Wow, this reminds me of way back when I first started using Linux, 1999-2000-ish. The install would go fine, but there were apps I could never use because their buttons were off-screen. Every app developer appeared to assume you had a huge screen, at least 1024x768. I had no monitor or video card capable of more than 800x600. Another problem was if the TOP of the window was off screen - you can't move or resize it effectively, or see what's up there, or close it.

There were two possible work-arounds:

1. Hit the Tab key a few times, guessing how many will put focus on the "OK" button (or whatever), then hit Enter. Eventually you'll get it right.

2. Depending on the X server/window manager, you may be able to grab/move/resize those over-sized windows with a key+mouse combination. Things to try are CTRL+left mouse click the border, CTRL+SHFT+right mouse click OR arrow, etc.

 Michael Ward

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