Re: Install difficulties, 640x480 resolution

Gordon Haverland

Neither /var/log/Xorg.0.log or /home/user/.xsession-errors have
anything I see as the problem.

If I run:
get-edid | parse_edid
it talks to the video card, but the video card cannot talk to the
monitor. Which I guess means the KVM switch is eating any attempt at
either asking the monitor for EDID, or the response provided by the

If I do the xrandr stuff using 'default' instead of VGA1 (or something
like that), I still get the same errors about the size of gamma.

Oh well, work beckons. Maybe the thing to do is to directly connect
the monitor for the purpose of installing. But for a fairly
inexpensive KVM switch, it otherwise seems to work well. I just need
to remember that the hotkey to switch which computer is providing
output is ScrollLock (ScrollLock ScrollLock Number Enter).



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