Install difficulties, 640x480 resolution

Gordon Haverland

There don't seem to be many install disks, which know nvme SSDs. On
booting from DVD, every thing I try to get some VGA resolution bigger
than 640x480 fails. I have not tried resolutions slightly bigger than
640x480 (I think the smallest was 1280x1024).

This last try, I used vga=0x366 which should call for 1920x1080 - 16
bit colour.

I waded through the dmesg output, and in there is has efifb
640x480x32. So, it is ignoring my request. I am not recognizing an
error, but I could be looking for the wrong things.

This system is _NOT_ directly connected to a monitor. At the moment,
it is running through a KVM switch that has DVI-D outputs (not VGA).
So perhaps EDID codes not getting read?

The problem with 640x480, is that some of the xterms the install
process pop up, are bigger than the display, and have control buttons
outside of the screen area, so you can never click on them.





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