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Where in /var/log will I be finding the most clues


/var/log/boot.log (as someone mentioned)

Also, auth.log shows who is logging in (or trying to). lastlog shows the
most recent successful logins:

sudo lastlog | grep -v Never

dmesg is also useful, esp after a reboot, or when something changes:

dmesg | less

You can watch things being written to the logs in real time with the tail
command, e.g. run this:

sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog

...and then plug in a USB stick (or /var/log/messages, depends on the

Or run this:

sudo tail -f /var/log/auth.log

..then login via ssh from another machine. Hours of fun.

Thanks Mr mike!

Its been entirely too much fun already - - - not sure I want or can stand even

Thanks for the tips!!!!

The issue : I have been investigating using containers. LXD has only very
recently become available as installable without using something called snap (or
snapd or snappy or or or (they can't seem to really figure out what to call it
either)). The dev team for snapd believes that snapd MUST be updated very
regularily or there will be issues. In fact they prefer a daily
update. I chose not to
accept that and in one of their forum responses there was offered a
workaround using
iptables to remove the 'easy' connection wanted by snapd. Well - - --
let's just say
that I now twice have found my server waiting for my input on a reboot
as a result
of their thinking. Not sure how its exactly achieved but it seems that
there is enough
banging on the system by this environment that it causes a reboot
situation. I do
want to remove this detritus from my server but that's also going to
take some work.
Very interesting how the 'new' IT is sounding just like the same
groups about40 years
ago in the mainframe operating sectors - - - isn't it?



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