Re: M$ agrees to buy GitHub for $7.5G


On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 10:40 AM, Jared <@jared> wrote:
LinkedIn hasn't really changed since MS bought it. I suspect GitHub won't
change much either. At least not in the short to medium term.

I wouldn't worry too much. In fact, this is probably a good thing for GitHub

I don't remember the whole spiel but it went something like this:

1. first they ignore you
2. second they ridicule you
3. third they try to circumvent you
4. they try to join you
5 SURPRISE - - - they own you
6 you are totally FUBARed!

I have never been a serious LinkedIn user but they way they keep
bombing me with shite
- - - well I'm not impressed. They actually think that they're
wonderful which is quite scary!
They have quite convinced me that they really aren't of too much use -
- - they're really like
a mosquito bite on an elephants butt - - - I just haven't thought
about it enough to dump the
male bovine excrement yet but if I keep getting pushed - - - - SOON!


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