Fedora 28 Release, GIMP 2.10 and a Free Linux Course

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Date:  Thu, 3 May 2018

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Hello ,

It's raining new Linux releases.

Last week Ubuntu 18.04 was released. This week Fedora 28 has been released. I am guessing we should have Linux Mint 19 release by the end of this month.

Keeping Fedora users in mind, I wrote a tutorial on upgrading to Fedora 28. I'll write a couple of more articles on Fedora later this week. Now you shouldn't label me as an Ubuntu fan ;)

It just wasn't new Linux releases. The flagship image editor GIMP has a new major release after six years. GIMP 2.10 has lots of new features.

Another news. A new open source conference will be taking place in Berlin, this June.  The conference is focused on open collaboration and FOSS governance.Registration for the event is now open. It's FOSS is the official media partner of this event.

Talking of events, Balkan region's premier open source conference OSCAL will be taking place on 19-20th May in Tirana, Albania. This event is free to attend.

On YouTube, I published two new videos, one about Unity on Ubuntu 18.04 and another showcasing Fedora 28.

An online learning platform LabEx has a free basic course on Linux along with other free programming courses. Feel free to check it out.

P.S. I get over a hundred emails each week. I try to reply to the emails as much as possible but lately, it has been a mess because of my busy schedule. If you haven't got a reply in time, now you know the reason why. 

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Hope you liked it :)
Abhishek Prakash Founder

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Abhishek Prakash

Antibes, France



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