Re: Ubuntu 18.04-LTS

James E. LaBarre

On 5/1/18 8:50 PM, Rene Matthijssen wrote:
If my memory did not fail me, i386 is 32 bit or in other words an older computer. All modern computers are 64 bit, which is why Ubuntu no longer releases a 32 bit version.
For varying degrees of "modern". I have an Acer AspireOne "netbook", 32bit processor, running Mint 18.3. Handy because it's extremely portable, and was just the right price (free). Doesn't play videos (the video chipset just can't handle modern videos, but I don't need it for that, I have a 10" tablet). Major problem had been that GoogleChrome dropped the 32bit version, and I wanted to use the GoogleDocs Offline extension (which doesn't work with Chromium). Eventually found Vivaldi would support the extension, so now I can carry my fanfic-in-progress with me.

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