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Bart Oleksy

Definitely best to contact Shaw (I like using their online chat system) to make sure those devices aren’t rentals and therefore Shaw’s property before selling. 


The Arris boxes are fairly widely available – check out to get a sense of what people are asking for the Gateway (PVR) and Portal boxes. 


Good luck!


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shouldn't you just return those to Shaw??


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Here is a link to the portal and PVR descriptions.


I have 2 of each.

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Gateway HDPVR. Can be used as a standalone HDPVR that connects directly to your TV and can grow with your household through the addition of portals.





On Sep 12, 2017 2:08 PM, "John Hanley" <linux@...> wrote:

I am selling off a bunch of stuff that our renter abandoned in our rental home. Of note are Shaw portals a Shaw PVR and a Cisco cable modem model dpc3848v.


What do you suppose this stuff is worth, particularly the Cisco modem? 


And if anyone is interested contact me off list.




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