Re: rsync

Gordon Haverland

On Wed, 8 Mar 2017 19:29:00 -0700
"John Hanley" <linux@...> wrote:

I think we had this conversation a few years back but since
rebuilding my server, I have forgotten.

I am setting up my backup system using rsync.

What is/are the best options(s) for rsync? I seem to recall using -a
If I do a search at Debian for "rsync backup", I see: dirvish,
backupninja, luckybackup, rsbackup, and a bunch of other things. I
believe most of these are backups, that can use rsync. I think
luckybackup is just a GUI front end to rsync. I don't think it does
anything else. I had installed it once upon a time and played with
it. It's probably had an update or two since then, and probably
doesn't work remotely like what it did then. :-) But it might be
interesting to look at.



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