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Keehan Dowd

That depends on your local carrier.   If it's Telus for example and you forward your number to an Australian number, you'll pay Telus' international rates to Australia.  Keep in mind that in Australia, since the caller pays all call costs, calls to a mobile are a lot more expensive than calls to a landline.  Most (conventional) carrier nowadays are around 5-10 cents/minute to an Aussie landline from here and most discount carriers are less than 2 cents per minute, but to an Aussie mobile phone, that rate can jump to more than 30c/min...which is still cheap compared to a decade or more ago.  :-)

For me, I have Telus at home with unlimited North America, so I bought a Skype-In number in Idaho and forwarded my home to that number.  Then I just carried my Aussie mobile with Skype in Australia and calls from here came in via Skype for about 1c/min.


On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 3:34 PM, John Hanley <linux@...> wrote:

Great suggestion. thanks. Is there a way to call forward calls made to her Canadian number to the Australian number without incurring lots of fees?


On Oct 5, 2016 3:31 PM, "Keehan Dowd" <keehan.dowd@...> wrote:
I've made a couple trips to Australia this last year...   Skype has no local numbers in Canada, so you can by a US Skype number and forward you Canadian phone to it and then use Skype on the Australian end, but you'll still need data (cellular or wifi) anyway, so as Bart mentions, you'd probably be best just grabbing a local phone with a pre-paid SIM.   I bought a Samsung J1 for $89 (a low-end android handset) and a $50 pre-paid SIM which gave me 30 days of unlimited in-country calling, unlimited texting and 8GB of data and then I used Skype and WhatsApp on the handset to talk/message back here to Canada.   Optus is about the best bang per dollar when it comes to pre-paid plans.  There are many other carriers if you want to shop around.

I'd be happy to loan my J1 handset if she just wants to buy her own SIM there to save a few dollars.  I don't use it here in Canada.


On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 3:06 PM, Bart Oleksy <BARTO@...> wrote:

Another option is for her to bring her (carrier-unlocked) phone along to Australia and buy a new SIM card there with the package of calling/texting/data that she needs.  This is what I've done before when traveling abroad, usually for shorter time periods but most prepaid packages are good for a month or more anyway.

Hope that helps!

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My sister-in-law is heading to Australia for a month. She would like some kind of inexpensive way to still send/receive a few phone calls and texts. Right now Telus wants to sell her an $85 package for 75 minutes.

One option I thought of  included  call forward from  her telus number to a local  carrier where she would purchase a SIM card for her iPhone .  Another option I thought of  included  a local Skype  number  where she would have calls forwarded to .

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations for an out of country calling solution?


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