Re: OT: Out of country call forwarding

Bart Oleksy

Another option is for her to bring her (carrier-unlocked) phone along to Australia and buy a new SIM card there with the package of calling/texting/data that she needs.  This is what I've done before when traveling abroad, usually for shorter time periods but most prepaid packages are good for a month or more anyway.

Hope that helps!

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Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 3:03 PM
Subject: [elug] Out of country call forwarding

My sister-in-law is heading to Australia for a month. She would like some kind of inexpensive way to still send/receive a few phone calls and texts. Right now Telus wants to sell her an $85 package for 75 minutes.

One option I thought of  included  call forward from  her telus number to a local  carrier where she would purchase a SIM card for her iPhone .  Another option I thought of  included  a local Skype  number  where she would have calls forwarded to .

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations for an out of country calling solution?


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