Re: [OT] Rogers to axe Mobilicity, transfer to Chatr

Bart Oleksy

Oops, I wasn’t clear – I meant I was considering Mobilicity’s $35/month deal.  Last I checked Wind was offering $40/month.


Wouldn’t be a big surprise if both Rogers and Shaw gave some grace period (6 months to a year) for Mobilicity/Wind customers to move to a new, ‘real’ plan, so I have to consider if it’s worth switching or not.


So far my data requirements have been fairly light, but unlimited calling/texting would be better than my current deal with Speakout.


Appreciate your thoughts on Wind, and whoever Brad Shaw is!  J




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Brad Shaw has already said publicly that the average revenue per user on Wind is too low right now and that has to change, but he hasn't yet said what's going to happen to effect that change.  Wind doesn't offer much in the way of LTE speeds for data and I accept that I have a discount service and thusly expect and 'am quite happy with a discount service.  It's a win-win.  I'm not watching Netflix or torrenting on my wireless plan.  I know there are those that do, but really wireless is a shared limited resource and that's an unavoidable fact.  What Wind provides is fine for email and browsing.

If you take out data, Wind isn't really all that different to Robelus.  The big guys all offer about $40/mo-ish for unlimited talk/text, but data is where the costs come in.   I find that the big guys offer a couple hundred MB for a fairly light charge, but as soon as you head into the GB+ range, the costs jump.  Data is just so variable and with my Wind phone, I take comfort in my bill never being a surprise.  A typical month on my Wind $40/mo account is a few hundred calls and texts and 2-3GB of data.   The same on the other big three would be double that or more.

If one of the big three were to offer, say, unlimited (yeah I can wish!) data or capped at several GB, but choked low speeds like, say, 512Kbps (or even lower) for a cheap price, I'd be all over that.  Do you really need 70+Mbps all the time like my company provided LTE+ Bell account provides?




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I was just mildly debating switching to their $35/month unlimited talk/text/data deal (from Speakout 7-11), but it’s not clear if they will ‘grandfather’ existing plans when the actual switch is made later.  Hmmm…


Thanks for the heads-up!




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Silly mobile linking thingy!   Sorry 'bout that.   Here's the working link:

Rogers to axe Mobilicity, transfer to Chat



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Be prepared Wind're next!  (and I say this as a six-year Wind user).  I don't think Wind will be folded, but the service will certainly change under Shaw.




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