HOWTO: Submission and Review process of SOCIS Proposals


Hi all,

As you all are already very much excited for submission of your SOCIS proposals, we have prepared some guidelines in the latest Core Developers Meeting of EinsteinPy.

Here are a few instructions regarding proposal review and submission -
1. Students are expected to draft a proposal (preferable in Google Docs). Once you feel, the proposal is ready for review, share it with your mentor(s) for review.
2. After your proposal gets approved by your mentor(s), you have to submit a shareable link to the proposal on the SOCIS website under the section "Why select me? " while you are applying for a project.
3. Please follow the timeline and get your proposals reviewed BEFORE MAY 4, 2019
4. After 4 May 2019, we will publish the proposals on EinsteinPy wiki ( You can add your proposal to the wiki before May 4 if you want to but it's not a compulsion from our side.

Please get in touch with us on Matrix or Gitter in case of any doubts. You can also reply to this mail.

All the best for your proposals.

Thank you,
Shreyas Bapat