ANN: EinsteinPy 0.3.0 Released

Shreyas Bapat

Hi all!
It gives me immense pleasure to announce the release of EinsteinPy 0.3.0
EinsteinPy is an open-source pure Python package dedicated to problems arising in General Relativity and gravitational physics, such as geodesics plotting for Schwarzschild, Kerr and Kerr Newman space-time model, calculation of Schwarzschild radius, calculation of Event Horizon and Ergo-sphere for Kerr space-time. Symbolic Manipulations of various tensors like Metric, Riemann, Ricci and Christoffel Symbols is also possible using the library. EinsteinPy also features Hyper-surface Embedding of Schwarzschild space-time, which will soon lead to the modelling of Gravitational Lensing! It is released under the MIT license.
You can install it using pip or conda:
pip install --upgrade einsteinpy
conda install -c conda-forge einsteinpy 

This particular release saw a whopping 30 contributors out of which 27 contributed in the project for the first-ever time, a lot of features, and 4 very happy faces!
We will present a poster at SciPy 2020. Be sure to check it. Although it will be an online conference, but we will make sure your time spent at looking at the EinsteinPy Poster doesn't go in vain. We have also finished the final draft of the first-ever EinsteinPy Paper. 
I will take this opportunity to thank every contributor who gave their time to this project! I also thank every person who tries to install EinsteinPy, find bugs, and report us.  
We are glad to finally become a part of OpenAstronomy Umbrella and participate in Google Summer of Code 2020 with them. We have a summer student working full time with us. Make sure to check out his blog posts and progress.
Jyotirmaya Shivottam (NISER Bhubaneshwar, India) - "Null geodesics for Schwarzschild and Kerr Spacetime"
Blog for EinsteinPy :
Make sure you follow us on Twitter for better updates:
We reached a whopping 54 Contributors, over 170 members in the chatroom, and around 190 stars on GitHub. 
Full release notes can be read in the documentation:
Please join our chat on Matrix/Riot and feel free to ask any questions you might have: 
Prof. Einstein once said: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
Hence, we will keep moving, keep progressing, and work harder for the next release!
Shreyas Bapat
The EinsteinPy Project
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