Re: Bi-metric GR model


Hi Riccardo,

First of all, thanks for using EinsteinPy! 

As of now there is no obvious way to introduce a bi-metric model. If possible, can you please create an issue in the issue tracker so that we can prioritize the task and come up with something in the next release! 

Feature freeze has begun for this (v0.2.0) release. Hence this can't be included in the EinsteinPy 0.2.0 release. But I will surely back-port once we have it.

Also, I will take this opportunity to invite you to our developer chatroom! 
You can join anyone of them, both are bridged to each other:

Please let us know any other feature that you frequently work on and is not there in EinsteinPy, as it's just a 5 month old project and lacks a lot of important things!


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On Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 12:05 AM <riccardo.disipio@...> wrote:

Hi guys,
    I'd like to know if there's an obvious way to introduce a bi-metric model in the EinsteinPy package. I'm thinking of playing around with Hossenfelders' 0807.2838 or something similar. Any help from the developers would be appreciated!



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