Ecco Pro Sharing information, support & innovation for Ecco Pro software and extensions. Supporting Ecco on Windows '95 - Windows XP - Windows 8 - Windows 10 - Linux and all other OS's that will run ECCO PRO.

To get started with Ecco Pro, you can go here

Click on the heading: eccoTools

The first topic is the full install, just download, unzip, run.

Should be ok from there.

Other downloads and ecco related files new locatio. (Files are still available from YahooGroups in file section of this forum)

INSTALLATION & GETTING STARTED (Including FREE Win7/Win8/Win10 Ecco Installer) at (Slang Extension Templates)  (Please also CONTRIBUTE your templates!)

NOTE: Some tools require running them with full Administrative priviledges in Win10 for them to work..

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