Re: DX Monitor Suddenly Too Slow

Jim McCook W6YA


I frequently use VOACAP Pro to figure out propagation, so don't really need those functions with DX Monitor.  VOACAP Pro works pretty well for short path conditions, but not for LP except trans equatorial propagation.  I know there are a lot of newer resources but I still think DX Monitor is king because of all the options it offers.  For me the most useful features are adjustable time limits, a separate bandmap, color coding by band/mode (W6YA frequency colors) and limited spotter range on the main window.  I also like the LID LIST to get rid of spots from those who use goofy spotter names instead of call signs or certain keywords, such as ft8.  I can also hide spots for ft4/ft8 because those are clutter for me.  It also helps to remove spotters who keep spotting useless stuff.  I also appreciate the DX Alert list to highlight special expedition calls or anything else of special interest.  I could go on, but I don't understand why others don't use your excellent program.

73, Jim

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