Re: DX Monitor Suddenly Too Slow

Peter Jennings

Thanks for feedback Jim.

I am sure your information on what worked for you will be helpful to others in the future as well.

HamCap requires updated SSN information to work correctly. And since it uses VOACAP to do a lot of calculations, this can all slow things down. Particularly if some security software is adding time to check safety on each calculation as files are accessed.

These kinds of problems can be hard to figure out and Windows and security interfere when programs utilize other programs to do something.

These days there are lots more resources for propagation than back in the day when DX Monitor was written.


On Sun, Oct 23, 2022 at 11:41 AM Jim McCook W6YA <JimW6YA@...> wrote:

Thanks for those suggestions, which helped a lot.  The first thing I did was change check DX Summit from every 1 minute to every 2.  That seemed to help a little.  Then I got rid of show SNR Filter, Show SNR. and Show SNR Icons.  That helped a whole lot.  What made the big difference was uninstalling HamCap, which wasn't giving good information anyhow.  Now when I see all spots in the Main window, I can  use the scroll bar by holding down the left mouse button for several seconds before attempting to scroll.  Only the scroll button moves, but not the spot list until I release the scroll button.  I think that's normal.  Bandmap scrolling is completely normal, though.  My computer is fast with lots of memory, and this problem only began a couple of weeks ago after working normally for years.  I suppose it's possible that changes in my ESET Security software could have been a big factor.  I think Leo Laporte still recommends it.  As always, your help is much appreciated!   73, Jim W6YA

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