DX Monitor Suddenly Too Slow

Jim McCook W6YA

Hi Peter,

For the past couple of weeks I've noticed an increasingly sluggish slowdown of DX Monitor, which does not happen with any other programs on my computer.  Everything else responds instantly.  Clicking on any title of the main or bandmap windows does nothing, although sometimes a dropdown menu will appear after a long period.  Clicking on one of those options does nothing.  Bandmap scrollbar doesn't work, but if I try to drag it down it will sometimes go down an inch or so, then freeze.  The program is now useless.

I tried using it in Safe Mode.  It appears to work fine there.  Is this a conflict with another program?  I haven't added anything new except Windows 10 updates and have only been using what was already installed, mostly ordinary Email and reflectors that I watch.  I am using DXSCAPE, but would like to get Dx Monitor working again.  Any ideas?   73, Jim W6YA

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